Monday, September 20, 2004

Work Interferes with Blogging, News at 11:00

To anyone who's reading this, I want you to know that this blog isn't dead. Work has kept me extremely busy over the past week and my blogging productivity has suffered as a result... Go figure.

Now that I'm actually starting to climb out of that black-hole, I just wanted to say that my next posting will be about the latest DMCA court case Chamberlain v. Skylink. You can find a lot of background material on the Electronic Frontier Foundation site, and there's some incredibly well-written articles over at In particular, you might want to read the following:
  1. Jason Schultz's Copyfight article on the Skylink decision,
  2. Derek Slater's article on the decision, and
  3. Ernest Miller's collection of articles:
I don't intend to rehash the same issues that have already been covered so well by people who write better than I do. I would rather stay focused on the issue I raised in my last article about copying... This is a long ruling and it may be a few days before I'm ready to post again. I should definitely have something posted by Sep. 27th (2004!) if not sooner. Don't expect anything before Sep. 23rd.

p.s. For you physicists out there, I'm not going to tell you how to get out of a black hole. My patent application isn't finished yet, and I want to get it published before Stephen Hawking figures it out.